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H2X Swim Spa Eco Pur Filter

Our genuine Master Spas H2X Eco Pur Filter is for all the H2X Swim Spas. 

Eco Pur Features:

  • Contains minerals, silver, and zinc to kill bacteria
  • Contains carbon, removing odors from the spa water (e.g., chlorine)
  • Produces clean, pure water that exceeds NSF standards for drinking
  • Purifies without harsh chemicals
  • Eliminates 75% to 95% of chemical use FREE FLOW CORE reduces wear and tear on the pump, uses less energy, and provides longer life to the cartridge.
  • Utilizes bands that ensure pleat stability: These break-resistant bands keep the pleats clearly defined and evenly separated for increased water flow. These bands are the strongest in the market and ensure that the pleats are separated even under great stress. In competitors’ cartridges, low quality bands fall off and cause collapsed pleats which decreases a filter’s life span; poor flow increases back pressure throughout the entire filtration system.
  • The number of PLEATS and the total amount of media used in a filter cartridge impacts the quality and performance of the filtration. These filters meet or, in many cases, exceed the original equipment specifications providing quality performance and extends the life of the product.
  • The END CAP helps to provide structural support and increases filter cartridge durability. Unlike any other filter cartridges manufactured for the pool & spa marketplace, These filter cartridges have end caps that are 100% antimicrobial. This enables the filter cartridges to be more effective in prohibiting the growth of mold, as well a reducing mildew and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Antimicrobial filters are easy-to-clean cartridges.
  • Antimicrobial protection works for the lifetime of the product.


  • Replace every 6 months
Price: $54.95

(ID: x268532)

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